How to Make a Parallelogram in Photoshop

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Making a parallelogram in Photoshop requires you to use the rectangular marquee tool. Make a parallelogram in Photoshop with help from a 3D and 2D animator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Aaron Kromann, and I'm going to show you how to draw a parallelogram in Photoshop. Okay so we have a new layer. I'm going to use the rectangular marquee tool to make one of the more commonly known parallelograms, this cube. Now I'm going to hold down shift so it makes a perfect cube. Otherwise it can make like this but yeah, make it into a perfect cube by holding shift. And then I'm going to fill it with a Paint Bucket tool, make it black and then I'm going to hit edit and free transform. Now some of the other parallelograms are things such as the rectangle but let me show you some of the other ones. Now as long as each of the parallel sides are parallel to each other, that's a parallelogram. So here's a few ways of doing that. Remember that a parallelogram is any shape where all the sides are parallel. There's a way by using the skew you right click to do this. So you right click to get in this menu, you skew and by doing that you grab the middle and now you can move it this way or this way and you've got yourself a parallelogram but it's kind of limited in a few ways depending on which, on if you grab a corner or so it can move kind of a little weird, kind of almost with a line, one line or the other but it's kind of almost in perspective. You choose one or the other side to move the line along when you use the skew but that's not what you want for a parallelogram. So I'm going to try and set it back up, close enough. And then I'm going to right click and I'm going to show distort or perspective, get to distort later and perspective can also do the same. It makes it just as well but if you hit the corner, just kind of, it shrinks things down just kind of making it nice and in perspective. But we get to the one that I like best and that's distort because distort when you hit the bottom one it doesn't go side to side and only on that line. You can pick it up and you can go everywhere and this makes for some really cool looking parallelograms. My name is Aaron Kromann. Good luck with your art.


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