What Is the Difference Between Measuring Linear Feet vs. Square Feet?

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Linear feet and square feet measure similar things, but in reality are very different. Find out about the difference between measuring linear feet and square feet with help from a high school math tutor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov, I'm a math teacher, and today we are going to learn the difference between measuring linear feet and square feet. Now a linear foot is a one dimensional measurement. And it's only useful say if you are measuring the length of a wall or the height of a door. But if you need to know how much space something takes up then you need square feet. So if we have a line and it's four feet long then that is a linear foot, it's one dimension. But if we then have a large area like a rectangular space and we have four by six. Then we would multiply four times six equals twenty four. And if this is feet and this is feet then it's 24 square feet. Now 24 it's not 24 long and it's not 24 high but it is 24 square feet of space. And the thing is with linear feet versus square feet we have four and six but we could also have a kind of a longer and narrower eight and three. And that would still be 25 square feet. So I'm Charlie Kasov and you just learned the difference between measuring linear feet and square feet. Thanks a lot.


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