Bruschetta Recipe With Mascarpone, Tomato & Basil

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A bruschetta with mascarpone cheese, tomatoes and basil will have the whole family asking for more. Learn about a bruschetta recipe with mascarpone, tomato and basil with help from a classically trained chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Catherine De Orio with and today I'm going to show you how to make bruschetta with mascarpone cheese, some tomatoes and basil. So first we're going to start with preparing the tomatoes. These are just some cherry tomatoes. You're just going to halve these, that one's a little squirty, we're going to just halve these up and you can use grape tomatoes if you like. You can even use a Roma tomato or a campari tomato and just dice those up as well. So we'll just cut a few of these here and then we're going to make some nice beautiful streamers of basil. So it's called a chiffonade. So you're just going to take the leaves and you're going to layer them from largest to smallest in the center and then roll them up like that and then you'll just take your knife, get rid of that little stem and just chop them up and then you're going to end up with these beautiful streamers of basil. Okay so now we're just going to combine all of these ingredients together. So here's our tomatoes you know and if your tomatoes are a little bigger, you can just go ahead and quarter them so that they're bite size and then add our basil in there and then a little bit of salt, just a touch of olive oil, you don't need too much and a little bit of fresh pepper. And then just give it a little stir and now we are ready to top. Okay, so now this is just some bread, it's just an Italian country bread. All I've done is drizzled it with a little bit of olive oil, put a little bit of salt and pepper on there and then I grilled it. So first we're going to spread some of the mascarpone cheese on it. Mascarpone cheese is just a soft cheese from Italy and if you can't find it in your store you can substitute with a cream cheese. so we're just going to spread this on, a nice thick layer o fit and it tastes amazing. It's just a good complement. A lot of times you find this in tiramisu. So it goes really well with sweet things and tomatoes and basil kind of have that nice sweetness to it and so it's a really nice complement to it. Then, we'll just top it, a little bit of our mix and we're all done. And there you go, that's just the bruschetta with some mascarpone, tomatoes and basil and I'm Catherine De Orio with


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