Density Triangle Trick

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Density and triangles are directly related in a few interesting ways. Learn a density triangle trick with help from an experienced math tutor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there. This is Ryan Malloy here at the Worldwide Center of Mathematics. In this video, we're going to discuss the density triangle trick. The density triangle trick is a way to help you remember the relationship between density, mass and volume. So we'll take a triangle, we're going to divide it into three parts, one on top and two on the bottom, we'll label this one D for density. We'll call this top part M for mass and this bottom right part V for volume. Now we can use the density triangle trick to write each of these three quantities as a function of the other two D equals what, M equals what and V equals what. Now to find each formula you simply cover up whichever piece you're looking for. Density as a function of mass and volume, simply cover the D in this triangle, we get M over V, simple enough, M over V. If we want to know mass, we simply multiply density times volume, D times V. And finally if we want to know volumes we cover that up and we see we have M over D and that's all there is to it. My name is Ryan Malloy and this was the density triangle trick.


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