Examples of Acute Angles Found in Your Home

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Acute angles are found all throughout or daily lives, especially right in your very own home. Get examples of acute angles found in your home with help from an experienced math tutor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Oh, hi there. This is Ryan Malloy here at The Worldwide Center of Mathematics. In this video we're going to discuss some examples of acute angles you can find in your own home. The first example is right here. This simple spiral notebook can create an acute angle just like that. The letters on the page often have acute angles too. Look at the top of this A creates an acute angle, this K has three acute angles in it. M and N both have acute angles as to the less than and greater than symbols. Even the pencil used to create those characters. That is an acute angle right there on the tip. How about my cell phone? There's an acute angle, this office clip, it's tiny, that's got an acute angle too. This pair of pliers has two acute angles, one on the inside and one on the outside. Scissors can go through a wide variety of angles, obtuse, right and acute. Staple remover, this stapler can make a whole bunch of acute angles all at the same time on the outside and on the inside. What about this paper cutter? That's an acute angle. Watch your fingers. What else do we have? The handle of this fire extinguisher makes an acute angle though I wouldn't recommend trying to play with it. Finally even the object I'm sitting on, five acute angles right there. My name is Ryan Malloy, and we've just discussed some examples of acute angles you can find in your own home.


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