Door Prize Games for a Staff Meeting

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Door prizes and games are a great way to get staff interested in mandatory meetings. Learn about door prize games for a staff meeting with help from an empowerment speaker and human resources professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Charles H. Galbreath, Jr. Human Resource professional and workforce empowerment speaker. Today, I want to share with you some door prize games for your staff meetings. Staff meetings are a wonderful time to get everyone on one page and also share new information, but they're also a great time to energize and motivate your staff team. People love free stuff so door prize games should always be the things that your staff loves. So this is going to challenge you to get to know your staff a little bit better. Now some staffs love food, some staffs love breaks. The first thing that you want to do is figure out what type of staff you are catering to. Now with door prizes you can give away things that are very important to the office, things that go over well are drink coupons or coupons to restaurants. Also things that go over very well within offices would be supplies, people love getting new supplies to do their job a little bit better or to have a little bit more fun doing their job. So things such as pens and pencils and notepads, sticky notes, these are all wonderful ideas to use as giveaways for your staff meetings. Now the next thing that you want to think about is utilizing breaks. Sometimes a person may need an extra break here or there and as a supervisor or as a manager, you can also raffle off an extra 15 to 20 minute break during the day. Now the way that some people do this in a more professional way, they may give a person a pass from answering the phones for 20 minutes but they'll still be doing something productive for their job or they may give them a pass from actually having to physically talk to a client for the moment but they'll still be doing some work at their desk. So you can work in those breaks to where they're still being productive and they're still utilizing their time efficiently and effectively. The last thing that you want to do is you may want to think about some type of a raffle that showcases the celebration of the office, the things that people have done well. Put people's names into a pot, draw out their name and have someone within the group or yourself share something that that person has done positive. That's a great way to pat your staff on the back and let them know that you're watching their good deeds and they're not going unnoticed. So what the raffle is about, what the door prizes are all about, it's about making your staff feel honored, respected and valued and when a person feels valued, when they feel respected, you will be surprised the amount of effort that they'll put into their workday. I hope these ideas have helped you and I hope that it just starts your creative process in coming up with more ideas on your own. Thank you, and have an incredible day.


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