Decorating Glass Candle Holders With Sayings

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Sayings and other types of phrases make the perfect decorations for glass candle holders. Find out how to decorate glass candle holders with sayings with help from a craft expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Angharad Jones with the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica, California and I'm here to show you how to decorate a glass candle holder with sayings. So, I've printed out a few sayings that I thought were appropriate for a special occasion, like a wedding or maybe Valentine's day, where it's like hope-love commitment. You can really make it say whatever you want. And I've chosen a nice flat sided or straight sided container and I'm going to use my decoupage glue, we're a fan of Mod Podge here, comes in a bunch of different finishes. This one's matte, but you could also get one that has a shiny finish or a sparkly finish. And, but with this, all decoupage glues start out with a layer of the glue on your object rather than on your image which is different from other glues. And so, I'm just going to start by applying the glue on the area that I want to start with and I'm going to, I'm going to end up covering the whole thing with paper, so I might want to place my images first. And the idea behind this is that once you've lit the candle inside, you will end up with a sort of glowy effect, like a tiled effect as it, the light glows to the paper. And then, the words will be there. So, there's my first word. I'm just going to go ahead and continue applying glue. In this point, I'm going to start maybe tiling on my white pieces to create the tiled effect that I was looking for and I'm going to come on and cover the paper, the paper with glue again. And that's the decoupage effect. And I want it to be nice and squared off because that's part of the look I'm going for. We want the whole thing well coated with glue. And so, I'm going to continue to layer my sayings with the glue and the blank pieces squares of paper, ironing them down with my brushes as I go. And once the whole thing is dry, I would probabl put a couple more layers of the glue on there to really seal it together and it'll make it a little bit water-resistant, not completely waterproof, but water-resistant and the, and be perfect for your candle. That gives you the idea; you just continue doing the whole thing until the whole thing was covered. And you're going to work on little sections because the, the glue actually dries really quickly. So, I'm Angharad Jones at the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica, California, happy crafting.


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