How Many Corners Does a Rectangular Prism Have?

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The total number of corners that a rectangular prism has depends entirely on a few key things. Learn to tell how many corners a rectangular prism has with help from an experienced mathematical educator in this free video clip.

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My name is Emily Kern, math instructional coach in Austin, Texas. Let's explore how many corners a rectangular prism has. A rectangular prism is a 3-D shape that has two parallel bases that are rectangles. When we're talking about how many corners a rectangular prism has, we're really talking about their vertices, which is just the plural for the word vertex. The vertex is the place on the figure where three faces meet, otherwise known as a corner. So, in this rectangular prism, we have a corner. One here on each of these. So, we have four on this base. And then, if I flip it over, we have four more on this base. So, a rectangular prism has eight corners, or eight vertices. This is a hexagonal prism. It's called a hexagonal prism, because it's two bases are hexagons. It has corners, or vertices, as well. Since it's a hexagon, it has six vertices on this base, and six on this base, for a total of twelve vertices. The number of vertices is just twice the number of sides that the base has. A rectangular prism has eight corners, or vertices, because each of its two bases has four sides and four vertices.


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