How to Use the Eyeglass Chain

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An eyeglass chain is designed to be used in a very specific way. Find out how to use the eyeglass chain with help from an optical business professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Amy Clause. I'm an optician at Blue Ridge Optical in Roanoke, Virginia and today I am here to talk to you about how to use an eyeglass chain. The main reason you would want to use an eyeglass chain or where it would really come in handy is if you wear reading glasses or you don't wear your glasses all the time. Some people will take them off and sit them somewhere and lose them. So an eyeglass chain is a good option so when you're not wearing them you can have them around your neck and know exactly where they are. There are several different types of eyeglass chains, however, I've got the most common styles here. First is not exactly an eyeglass chain. It's a strap. This is more for outdoor use or sports to help keep your glasses tight on your head. Now onto eyeglass chains here, this style here is a gorilla style. The way that you would put that on your frame here is there is a little hole here and there is a couple different styles of this type too but mainly you're going to have that rubber end that your temple is going to slide right into and you're going to slide it all the way up to right above your temple cover there. Then you want to put your other side on and they're going to be a little tight but they need to be because you don't want your glasses sliding right out of your chain. So now you've got a nice eyeglass chain here that you can hang your glasses around your neck. The next type of eyeglass chain hooks a little bit differently. It's the clip style. A lot of people prefer these because they are a little bit easier. They just open right up and you can clip them right onto your temple above your temple cover and then they are ready to go. The next type of eyeglass chain we have here is the beaded style. They are going to be a little bit harder to get on. What you're going to want to do is slide that right onto the temple past your temple cover and then you're going to take that little bead and slide it up to make it nice and secure on the temple. Put the other side on here, then they are nice and secure and ready to wear. There are several different styles of eyeglass chains. A lot of them look like jewelry today so there is sure to be something for your taste. They also have more masculine styles for men. It's important to have a good sturdy eyeglass chain to protect your eyeglasses from falling. I'm Amy and that's a little bit of information about eyeglass chains.


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