Tuning a Kid's Ukulele

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Tuning a kid's ukulele means that you'll probably be tuning a soprano ukulele. Find out about tuning a kid's ukulele with help from a critically acclaimed musician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there. My name's Jessica Delfino. I play the ukulele and I also teach other people to play the ukulele. And today we're going to talk about tuning a kid's ukulele. So, by a kid's ukulele, what people would probably be referring to is a soprano ukulele. That's the smallest easiest ukulele to give a child. Because the fret board is a little smaller for child size fingers. Now, sometimes you'll come across an actual toy ukulele, like kind of you know, like a kid's toy that's a ukulele. And you would tune that the same way you would tune any ukulele. And that is in G,C,E,A. So, the way that you would tune your ukulele, a kid's ukulele, adult ukulele, any ukulele, is you need a tuner of some kind. I have a couple here. This is a tuner that's kind of classically used for a guitar, but you can really use it for anything. And this tuner, these are easy even for children to use. They clip right on to the tuner, to the head stock of the ukulele. And then you can see the chords in the little screen as you tune. And the way that you would do it is that you, you just pluck the string and move the peg until it goes to the chord that you want it to go to. And you do that for each string. You trace the string up and adjust it until the knob goes to where you want it to go on your tuning peg. G,C, E, and A. And say you don't have a tuner, and you don't have any way to tune and you're not sure how to tune, well you can use another instrument to tune such as, a piano, or you can even use a guitar which has an E string on either side. And then try to figure out where to go from there. If you have no instrument another thing you can actually do is use a telephone, if you happen to have a land line. I know a lot of people don't have those anymore. But if you do have a land line, when you pick it up and listen to it, it's in the tune of E. And that's how you tune a child's ukulele.


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