Guide for Tuning the Strings of a Ukulele

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Tuning the strings on a ukulele is something that you have to do in a very particular way. Get a guide for tuning the strings of a ukulele with help from a critically acclaimed musician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, my name is Jessica Delfino. I play the ukulele and I also teach other people how to play the ukulele. And today, I'm going to talk to you about tuning your ukulele. This will be a guide to tuning your ukulele. So, there's a couple tips and tricks to tuning your ukulele. First of all, it's really great to have a tuner. If you can tune by ear, perfect, that's great; but, you don't want to always rely on that. It's good to rely on your tuner. There's a couple different kinds of tuners. This here is a guitar tuner, but you can use it for ukulele because the way that it works is it's got a lever and it turns green when you hit the chord you're looking for. There's also a clip-on tuner. And finally, I have this really great tuner which I use on my phone. It's an I, it's an app that I just put on my phone. And now, I always have a tuner with me wherever I go. So, your ukulele is tune to G, C, E, A which sounds something like this. G, C, E, A; the first string is G, the second is C, the third is E and the fourth is A. Now, if you are tuning your ukulele, here's an example; this, this ukulele here is out of tune. So, we're going to tune it together. The first string is already tuned for us to get us started, it's G. Now, when you're tuning, I really recommend that you strum your string regularly so that you can hear it. If you strum it, some people make a mistake of strumming it and just waiting, but you want to kind of have a constant strum so that you can always hear and you can see your tuner actually moving. So, the first one is G, is you want to make it, the first one is G; so we've already got that one. The second is C. So, right now we are at C Sharp, so we're going to tune down to C. So, you would take your tuning peg and you would just turn it towards you. So, you're actually turning it down. You're turn, turning it in the direction; if you were to hold your ukulele like this, you'd be turning it down. But we're turning it sideways, so try to picture that in your head, you're turning it down. Then, the next string is, we're going to go to the other side; now, be sure when you're tuning, trace your strings so that you know you're tuning the right peg. If you're turning a different peg and they, it doesn't sound like the ukulele is changing, it's not going to make, it's not going to fix it. So; the next one is going to be E. So, we're just going to tune this down real fast to E. And you can usually tell you're there because your tuning device will let you know. Just be patient with it. And finally, we've got A. And we are done, you've got G, C, E, A. And that is a guide to how you to tune your ukulele.


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