Differences Between Concert, Standard & Tenor Ukuleles


Concert, standard and tenor ukuleles all have some pretty important differences when compared to one another. Learn about the differences between concert, standard and tenor ukuleles with help from a critically acclaimed musician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jessica Delfino. I play the ukulele and I also teach other people how to play the ukulele. And today, I'm going to teach you the differences between a soprano, or a classic ukulele, a concert sized ukulele, and a tenor ukulele. Frankly there's not a lot of difference. A soprano ukulele is the smallest and typically the most classic size ukulele. If somebody says to you they play the ukulele, they're probably talking about a soprano sized ukulele. They're very small, very light. They have 4 strings, 4 tuning pegs. And they're all pretty much the same. There are different shapes. Some of them are watermelon shaped, or triangle shaped. I happen to have a flying V shaped soprano ukulele which I love a lot. But this is your standard, classic, soprano ukulele. As you can see it has this curved body, thin neck, typical head stock, and 4 tuning pegs. The concert sized ukulele is just a size up from the soprano ukulele. It's almost as if you could take your soprano ukulele and fit it inside of the concert ukulele. Almost like the concert shaped is a case. So it's just a couple inches longer, maybe a little bit wider, with a slightly wider neck. That's pretty much the only difference. Generally, they are tuned the same and they look the same. But of course there are different shapes for different ukuleles. Finally, the tenor ukulele is the biggest of the three. So it would go soprano, concert, tenor. And my tenor ukulele has a triangle shape. But of course you can certainly find tenor ukulele's that are shaped like your classic soprano or concert ukulele. Again, the tenor ukulele is tuned with G,C,E,A just like your soprano or your concert ukulele. It has 4 tuning pegs, 4 strings and plays just like a soprano or a concert sized ukulele. And those are your basic differences between a soprano, a concert, and a tenor ukulele.


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