Double Pendulum Golf Swing Technique

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The double pendulum golf swing technique needs to be performed in a very specific way. Find out about the double pendulum golf swing technique with help from a professional golf instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brandon Tourville, golf instructor here at the Nyberg Wood GolfTEC in Tualatin, Oregon. Today, we're going to talk about the double pendulum, or basically double lever system here in our golf swing. Now, this is really physics or bio-mechanics term, takes me back to my college days here. But basically what it is, is this is one lever, this is the other lever, or pendulum here. And as we come down, it releases. The centrifugal forces are acting on the club, actually speed up and catch up and move to a point where it actually releases on it's own. So, we really don't have to throw the arms or do anything with our arms, they actually release that club. In fact, most people typically tend to release this lever system a little too early in their down swing. Causing a whole array of issues, tops, fat shots, things like that. But basically, it's important because it helps really, our club heads speed in. We want to get some really good club heads speed here, we want to release this at the right point. If you look at the tour players, the release of this actually happens at or slightly ahead of impact. O.k., because we don't want to release it before, if we come down, release it early. That's where we hit the fat shots. Or, if we come up, release early, hit the top shots, we have what we call the typical flip of the wrist. So,basically, what we want to do here, is actually hold onto this a little bit. So, that we're releasing right out here, in front of it. And you know, one of the ways that we can do that, is by just taking an impact bag. And if you don't have an impact bag at home, you can use maybe a rolled up sleeping bag, or a pillow of some sort. But basically, we want to do this in slow motion. As we're coming down, we want to just turn our body here, and get our hand sin a good position. So that we still have some angle, by the time we hit this bag here. Which would be simulating our impact position here. So, the hands are a little bit more forward. And it's o.k. to over exaggerate it, just a little bit. If you overdo it,it's going to be more likely that you actually going to have an impact on this move, and actually do it correctly. So, don't worry about overdoing it too much. But really that's what we're trying to do with this lever system, is we're trying to hold it and not release it too early. And release it at the right point.


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