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The correct golf swing path will have you sending those golf balls soaring like a professional. Learn about the correct golf swing path with help from a professional golf instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Brandon Tourville, golf instructor here at the Nyberg GolfTEC, in Tualatin, Oregon. Today we're going to talk about golf swing path and what the correct golf swing path is. Now, I say correct golf swing path. There really is no correct golf swing path. There's typical and kind of not so typical. Now, the typical tour player has a tendency to swing more from the inside out on the arc, which every golf swing takes. Whereas the typical golf swing for a average amateur player is a little bit steeper and a little bit outside in. Now, the reason I use the words typical and not so typical is because there are some tour players that play with more of an outside in type golf swing. Lee Trevino is a very good example of this. But for the sake of trying to teach you what the average tour player does and I'd say, probably at least 90 to 95 percent of the tour players these days do. We're going to talk about the inside outside golf swing and how to achieve that inside out golf swing when you swing your golf club. Now, like I said, the average tour player has the tendency to turn their upper body a little bit first and use their arms a little too much in the down swing which creates a steeper path for the shaft and then swings out side in on the path and creates that side spin which creates, for most people, the slice. Now, how we're going to correct that is we're going to be able to change how that body works, that upper body works in the down swing. Now, what we want to do instead is when we come down, we want to turn our body, turn our hips, and our lower body as we drop this right shoulder down to the inside, coming from that inside part here. So, as we make this move, dropping our right shoulder, getting to that inside outside path. Now, one of the drills that we can use to do this is we have some nice little swing sticks here that they sell at Golf Smith or anywhere. You can get these guys at a sporting goods store that sells golf equipment. But you want to do is you want to set up this right like it's coming on the inside out path. And as you come from the top of your back swing here, as you come down, we want to just get that club tracing right along that line, as we swing down and through. OK. That's going to be one way we can help get that club to come more inside out. The other way we can do that is by another drill. We call this the impact bag. Now, the impact bag, as we make this move, from the top of our back swing, we come down, again dropping that right shoulder, and turning our body, we want to hit that bag on the inside and feel like we're hitting that bag, if this were a baseball diamond, out to right field. Now, that's what the average tour player does. That's where you're going to start getting that straight ball flight or slight draw to your shot. But it all depends on what you want to do. So, those are two drills that can really help you do that.


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