What Is the Action of the Right Hip in the Golf Downswing?

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Your right hip will play a very important part in a successful golf swing. Learn about the action of the right hip in the golf downswing with help from a professional golf instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Brandon Tourville, golf instructor here at the Nyberg Wood GolfTEC here in Tualatin, Oregon. Today, we're going to talk about the hips. The right hip, how it turns in the down swing and the left hip. Now, really, both hips rotate and the best way to describe this is as you maintain your posture and you hold that posture, as you're coming down in your down swing here, the right hip rotates down, the left hip rotates up, if we maintain that posture just a little bit. So, we're rotating our body. That's the big key here. And what we're trying to do with this down swing. So, what I've done here is gotten this chair that's going to help us kind of get a feel for what this motion feels like in this downswing. What we're going to do is we've got a little chair here, it can be any chair. But I just kind of get set up right about here so that my hand is about level with the back of the chair, and I go up to the top of my back swing. So, It's important that we really use our body and utilize the body to get that down swing going and get that good rotation rather than just throwing our arms and our upper body at the ball. So, in order to do that I get up to the top of my backswing. I lock my shoulder in place here, and as I lock this shoulder here, the only way I can get this hand back down to the back of this chair is if I rotate my body. So, what I do is I shift my weight and I start turning my hips and my shoulders and get that hand right back here to the back of the chair. That really helps you get that feel of what that down swing feels like in that body open here more to your target by the time you reach that impact position.


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