Golf Drill for Getting the Weight to the Front Foot

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Getting the weight to the front foot in your stance is one of the most important aspects of any golf swing. Learn about a golf drill for getting the weight to the front of the foot with help from a professional golf instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Brandon Tourville. I'm a golf instructor here at the Nyberg Wood GolfTEC in Tualatin, Oregon. Today, we're going to be talking about weight shift from front, or back foot to our front foot in our down swing. In one of our previous videos we talked about how we want to keep our weight on our instep at the top of our back swing and not let our weight shift to the outer part. That way we're loaded up very nicely on this inside part. We have something to push off and get to our front foot in our down swing. So, really what we want to do essentially is once we get to the top, almost like we're pushing off over to our front leg, that's the first move of weight shift. Then we start turning our body and getting over to our front leg as it straightens out in our down swing here. So, one of the motions that really shows this really well, that do already or you've probably done in the past is throwing a ball. The motion's very similar. You take a ball in one hand, you rock back to the back foot, and as you throw forward, your weight gets to your front foot, very similar to what we're doing here with the golf swing. One of the drills here that, if you're having problems with this, you can try and over exaggerate, try and get your weight really far through. We call it the Gary Player walk through drill. And as you get over to the top here, we start really getting our weight over here and getting to a point where as we come through to finish, we almost fall forwards and kind of walk through the shot. So, it looks something like this. Now, that's the proper weight shift sequence for the down swing and that should help you, those two drills.


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