Recipe for Red Pepper Spray Squirrel Repellent

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Red pepper spray squirrel repellent is easier to make than you might think. Learn about a recipe for red pepper spray squirrel repellent with help from an expert on green pest control in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Louise Hodges with Today, we're going to talk about making a red pepper spray squirrel repellent. The ingredients I have today, I'm starting with some red cayenne pepper but I'm also going to include some chili powder as well as some black pepper because what we're trying to do is repel squirrels and anything that's spicy they're not going to like. So you can kind of raid your herb cabinet and come up with a lot of different concoctions to get rid of squirrels. Then I've got a mortar and pestle which I'll grind these and I'm going to then put them into a teapot. I've got boiling water here to actually make a tea and one it steeps I will be pouring it in to a plastic spray bottle. Okay, now what I'm going to do is just take some of the spices and put it into my mortar and pestle. I've got the cayenne pepper and I'm going to use chili powder, oh if you've got any kind of strong spices, anything that a squirrel is not going to like and just some regular black pepper and then I'm going to grind them together with the mortar and pestle and you want to make them as fine as possible and the reason being is you can't just put these directly into a spray bottle or else they'll clog up the nozzle. So what I'm going to do now that I've got these in my teapot is I'm going to pour the boiling water in and actually create a tea. The boiling water helps extract the essential oils which are what's spicy and as you can see it immediately starts to color the water. Now I'm going to let this steep for about five minutes to overnight, I mean you can let it steep as long as you want and then transfer it into my plastic bottle. Now that my tea is steeped, what I'm going to do is pour it through a tea strainer to capture as many of the particles as I possibly can which is actually very easy and you can see now I have this dark liquid that doesn't have specks of the peppers in it and I'm going to pour it into any plastic container and once I have this, this is a perfectly safe organic repellent of using the red pepper for squirrels that you can spray on plants, that you can spray at the base of your bird feeders and it will keep the squirrels away because as soon as they taste those spices, they will not come near it. So there you have it, a red pepper spray squirrel repellent that you can make yourself. I'm Louise Hodges with Thank you for watching.


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