How to Solve a Linear Equation Like Y=Mx Plus B

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An equation like Y= MX + B is known as a "linear equation." Learn how to solve a linear equation with help from a professional math teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Marija. I'm a mathematician and I'm going to show you how to solve a linear equation like Y equals MX plus B. So if you have an equation like Y equals MX plus B you are actually not solving it unless you are missing one of the important variables. So if you're given Y equals 2/3X plus 4, there's no need to solve this. What we're going to do is graph this because it's a line. So we're going to draw a coordinate plane with our Y axis and with our X axis and we're going to recognize that 4, this number right here, which is replacing B is my Y intercept. So I'm going to start my line at the number 4 on the Y axis because my line hits that point. That's the Y intercept. Now from there, I know that 2/3, the number that's at the place of M is my slope and slope means rise/run. So that means that from this point that I already drew, I can go 2 units up and 3 units to the right and that's because they're both positive. So from 4, I'm going to go up 2 and then I'm going to go right 3. So that will be my next estimated point right there. And I can continue to do that. I can go up two, over three, and then I can go ahead and sketch what my line would look like. So Y equals 2/3X plus 4, once graphed would look like that sketch that I just drew right there. My name is Marija and I just showed you how to graph a linear equation like Y equals MX plus B.


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