How to Make a Stem & Leaf Plot

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You can make a steam and leaf plot in a very specific way. Learn how to make a steam and leaf plot with help from a professional math teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Marija. I'm a mathematician and today I'm going to show you how to make a stem and leaf plot. So, a stem and leaf plot is used to display information that you have. So, let's say the elements that I'm dealing with are forty, thirty-six, twenty-nine, twenty-eight, ten, twenty-three, and I want to display this information via a stem and leaf plot. So, I'm going to split up two columns, one for my stem, and one for my leaf. And your stem is just going to be your tens digits. So, starting with the lowest one, I see that my lowest tens digit is one. So, I'm going to put a one in here as my stem. My leaves for the stem of one are simply all of the ones digits that are associated with anything with a one in the ten digit. So, the only number that I have here that is a one in tens digit, is ten. So, I'm going to put that zero as my leaf. Now, I'm going to move on to the twos. So, I'll start with the lowest one, which is twenty-three, which means that I'm putting a three in my leaf. And then I have a twenty-eight, so an eight is going to go in with my leaves. And I have a twenty-nine, and a nine is going to go here. If I had another twenty-eight or twenty-nine, I do double it. So, I do have to write a nine again if I have a duplicate of the number. Now, I'm going to go to my three, and thirty-six is the only number with three in the tens. So, I'm going to put a six here. And then lastly, I have forty, which I'm going to break up, like that. And this is the stem and leaf plot that would represent this data above. My name is Marija, and I just showed you how to make a stem and leaf plot.


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