250 Milligrams Equals How Many Teaspoons?

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Converting 250MG to teaspoons requires only a basic conversion. Learn how many teaspoons is equal to 250MG with help from a high school math tutor and teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov. I'm a math teacher and today we're going to learn how many teaspoons is equal to two hundred and fifty milligrams. So first, a milligram is an international system of measurement, the metric system, measurement of mass. And teaspoons are an American measurement for volume. So, you can't directly convert it. However, you can if you know the mass and you know the volume of a given substance. So, for example, water. You can say, well, one gram of water equals point zero six repeating-- it's a long fraction, so you might as well just say six repeating--teaspoons of water. And that means that two hundred fifty milligrams, which is one-fourth of a gram, because there's a thousand milligrams in a gram, two hundred fifty milligrams equals point 0 one six repeating--and just the six is repeating--teaspoons. So, you have to look up whether, you know, if you're dealing with sugar or salt, you're going to have to figure out the volume. But with water, two hundred fifty milligrams of water equals point 0 one six repeating teaspoons of water. So, I'm Charlie Kasov. Thanks a lot.


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