How to Mix Zing Zang With Vodka

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Zing Zang and vodka mix together really well - that is, if you follow the appropriate process and do it right. Mix Zing Zang with vodka with help from a mixology educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody, this is Steven Kowalczuk, the cocktail chef, and today we're going to make a cocktail with Zing Zang and vodka. Zing Zang is a wonderful spicy Bloody Mary mix and of course, we want our main base to be vodka which is going to create a great cocktail. So let's get started. What we're going to do is do something interesting. We're going to create a Basil Smash Bloody Mary. So the vodka and Bloody Mary mix obviously makes the perfect Bloody Mary but we're going to do something cool. We're going to take basil and do a smash. We're going to release all those essential oils. We're going to drop it right in there. In fact, we're going to go for broke on this one. We're going to do another piece. We're going to smash it, release all those wonderful oils and we're going to put it in the glass. So now I'm going to add our vodka, one and a half ounces. Now this is going to start to mix with the basil, all those oils are going to come out and once we shake this down, we're going to add our Bloody Mary mix and that's going to be perfect. So now we're going to add our ice. I'm only going to do about three quarters full on the mixing glass because we're going to go on to the smaller glass ultimately for our Bloody Mary. So while shaking this, this is going to break down that basil a little bit more and start to release more of those oils. There we go. Now we've got an interesting mix and an interesting base for our Bloody Mary. So there you have our Vodka Basil Smash and now we're going to top it with Zing Zang and I've already shaken that up to get all those good flavors mixed around in there and now I'm going to stir it. To stir, you're going to slide that spoon down behind the ice and you're going to rotate that ice without jostling it around too much. You don't want to add air, you just want to cool that drink off. So there you go. We want to leave all that good basil in there as well. And there you have a cocktail made with Zing Zang and vodka.


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