Raspberry Puree From Frozen Raspberries

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You can make raspberry puree from frozen raspberries right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Find out how to make raspberry puree from frozen raspberries with help from a therapist and wellness chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Dr. LindaJoy Rose of Raw Fusion Living here today for eHow.com to show you how to make raspberry puree from frozen raspberries. First thing you are going to start out is with some frozen raspberries that have been slightly defrosted. And you can do this right in a blender or if you want you can even use a potato masher just in a nice metal bowl. But I'm going to put these in a blender. These are already slightly defrosted. If you are starting out with frozen raspberries you could even add a little water to help you break them down. Now raspberries are not as sweet as other fruits so I'm going to add a little honey. You could use agave, a little sugar, whatever you decide to put in there. I'll put a little honey in there. And then I'm going to blend it. Okay so here's your raspberry puree and you can use this in a lot of different recipes. But I have a way of turning this puree into an actual jam. And let me show you how. This is a super food called chia seeds. And what you can do is just pour the chia seeds in. You are going to use a tablespoon, two tablespoons. And just blend it in. And periodically you are going to stir this because chia seeds are hydrophilic which means that they absorb many times their weight in water. And once it absorbs part of the liquid let me show you how it's going to come out. You are going to have this really beautiful jam that is totally natural and also filled with nutrients because of the super food chia seeds. And it's loaded with micro nutrients in it too. I'm Dr. LindaJoy Rose for eHow.com showing you how to make raspberry puree from frozen raspberries.


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