How to Convert a Decimal Into a Radical

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Converting a decimal into a radical isn't nearly as difficult as you may assume at first. Learn about converting a decimal into a radical with help from an expert in mathematics in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey there, it's Dr. K with "Infinite Magic Productions" and in today's tutorial we're going to learn how to convert a decimal into a radical. So let's begin. Let's say that your teacher gives you an example where you're supposed to convert a decimal such as 2.645 into a radical and a radical is an expression with for example a square root in it. So the easiest thing to do is just to take this number and keep multiplying it by itself until you get a number that's close to a whole number. So if we take 2.645 and multiply it by 2.645 what we get is a number that's close enough to 7. So it can be something like 6.99 or 6.97. Both of these numbers are close enough to 7 that we can just approximate that they are 7. So, in order to convert 2.645 into a radical, it is equal to the square root of 7. Now let's say that you have a number that doesn't simplify after you multiply it the first time so you have to keep multiplying it by itself. That just means that the index is greater than 2, the index may be 3 or 4. But it's okay as long as when you multiply the number by itself several times and it comes out to a number that's close enough to a whole number, then you can stop. So there you have it, that's how you convert a decimal into a radical. Please come back for more. I'm Dr. K. Thanks for watching.


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