How to Help Traumatized Cats

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You can help traumatized cats in a wide variety of different ways depending on the specifics of the animal in question. Help traumatized cats with help from an expert in animal behavior in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Amelia, with Caring Behavior Animal Behavior Consulting in Los Angeles, California, and today I'm going to show you how to help a traumatized cat. Depending on what traumatized your cat to begin with, there are many things that go into that, and you may need to contact a professional for this situation if you feel like your cat is really really in dire straits, but generally cats like dark areas. They like to be kept in quiet little closets. So if your cat's been through a really stressful experience, try to give them an area where they can find refuge, like in a closet or in a bathroom where they can be in the dark. Have food, water, a litter box available to them. Just keep the door shut, keep all noise down, keep it very quiet, and let the cat come to you. Don't try to chase them out from underneath the furniture. If you need, you may have to coax them out with some food, but try not to push them too far too fast. Definitely a little food, a little capnip is a great way to get a cat to kind of loosen up, but definitely you don't want to push the cat too far too fast, that may just make it worse. If you need to, set up... the best idea, the best thing to do, is just set up a nice quiet room where the cat can find refuge and can hide out, and just mellow out until they feel comfortable coming out. When they do come out, you want food and water and their general necessities to be right nearby so they don't have to stress themselves out to find it. And also, catnip, toys, anything that can get the cat to forget about what they were freaked out about to begin with. Keep the noise level down and you cat will, hopefully, in a couple of hours if not a day, will be able to be back to normal. Always contact your vet, though, if you feel like there's a severe problem going on with your cat as when cats are not feeling well they also tend to hide out. So they might not be traumatized, but they may be in pain. Hope this helps, and thanks for watching.


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