How Many Cups Does a 15-Ounce Can Equal?

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"Cups" and "Ounces" are both very similar units of measurement. Find out how many cubs a 15 ounce can equals with help from a distinguished math teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Marija. I'm a mathematician and today I'm going to tell you how many cups a 15 ounce can equals. So first we need to know how many ounces 1 cup is. So that ratio is 1 cup is equal to 8 ounces and I've got a 15 ounce can that I'm wondering how many cups are in that. So what I'm going to do is set up a proportion. If I know that one cup is eight ounces, then I want to know how many cups are 15 ounces and you have to make sure that when you set up your proportion you do cups with cups and ounces with ounces. You always have to match up your units. Now this is a proportion so I'm going to go ahead and cross multiply to solve it. So I get 15 times 1 is 15, bring down my equal sign and I get 8 times X is 8X. Now I have a one step equation that I'm going to solve by dividing by 8 on both sides. So I'm going to get X is equal to 15/8 so on this side we can do some long division, 8 goes into 15 one time, 1 times 8 is 8, 15 minus 8 is 7 and the way that we write that is, we're not going to write remainder 7 we're going to take that 7 and we write it over the number that we just divided into which is 8. So X is equal to 1 and 7/8ths. So a 15 ounce can is equal to 1 and 7/8ths cup, so almost 2 cups. My name is Marija and I just showed you how to convert 15 ounces into cups.


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