What Is the Axis in Geography?

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In geography, the "axis" is defined in a very specific way. Learn about the axis in geography with help from a high school mathematics tutor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov. I'm a math teacher and today we're going to answer the question, what is the axis in geography? Now, when we're talking about geography, we're talking about the globe, which I will draw two dimensionally here. And if this is the earth, there's the north pole and the south pole, and the axis is the invisible line that the earth spins around. So, the earth spins on its axis, from the north pole to the south pole. Now, the earth is not always straight up and down. Sometimes it can be tilted, so the north pole is over here and the south pole is over here. And it still is spinning on its axis as it orbits the sun. Now, the axis is also--because it's going from the north pole to the south pole--the north pole and the south pole are where the meridian lines come from. So we would have say, the Prime Meridian, and the International Date Line, and all the other twenty-four meridian lines that represent each hour of the day. Because, for the earth to spin around, it's spinning across twenty-four hours to return back to its original place. So, I'm Charlie Kasov, and you just learned, what is the axis in geography?


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