What Are One-Dimensional Figures?

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A figure has to have some pretty specific characteristics in order to be considered one dimensional. Find out about one dimensional figures with help from a high school mathematics tutor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov. I'm a math teacher and today we're going to learn, what are one dimensional figures? Now, a point is a zero dimensional figure. And a point is an instance in space and time. And let's think of a line segment as the most common one dimensional figure. If we have a point here and a point here, then a line is the shortest distance between these two points. So, it's one dimension. For example, a square has two dimensions because we're going this way and this way. Now, the other types of one dimensional figures would be a ray, which is one point, and then a line just going off to infinity. We have, as I said, a line segment, which is the shortest distance between two points. And then there is just a line, which is going in one direction this way, and the other direction this way, both to infinity. So, I'm Charlie Kasov, and you just learned, what are the one dimensional figures?


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