The Importance of Guidance for Teens

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Even if they don't want to admit it or vocalize it, teens need and are searching for guidance. Find out about the importance of guidance for teens with help from the founders of a nonprofit for troubled teens in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, we are Tom and Kisha Maher, parent coaches with Simply Family and founders of Hailey's House. Here's a quick tip on why it's important for teens to have guidance. Did you know that a teens brain is not even fully developed until the age of 25? That's right. They're pretty much functioning on half a brain right now. They physically cannot even foresee how their behaviors today effect their future. It's true, they can't. And they don't have the capability that an adult has to reason and make proper decisions. It's really important, as their parent, you're there for a reason. You're there to make those important decisions for them. And as they grow up, to help them make those decisions. But you never just let a teenager make a big decision on their own. So many times they try to run the house but it's crazy. Would you let a 4 year old run the house? No, not at all. You really shouldn't let your 14 or 15 year old run the house either. There's a reason that they're still teenagers and that there's a law that they can't even be out and an adult until they're 18. Take that very seriously. For example, the typical teenager, if you let them, would eat burgers and fries all day. They're not realizing that as they grow up their going to develop diabetes and heart disease, among other things from eating that unhealthy diet. They just eat it because it tastes good. They don't have the ability to reason and understand that I need to eat some more healthy things that may not taste quite as good but are going to help me in the long run. Take time to mentor and guide your teen daily. In doing this you're really going to set them up to have a successful future. Again we are Tom and Kisha Maher, parent coaches with Simply Family and founders of Haley's House. And we've just given you quick tips on why it's important to guide your teens.


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