How to Shave the Perfect Chin Strap Beard

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The key to the perfect chin strap beard lies within the methods you use while shaving. Shave the perfect chin strap beard with help from a master barber in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Julian Payne, owner and master barber of the Original Mobile Barbershop Company. Today we're going to answer the question of how to shave the perfect chinstrap beard. So, what I like to recommend is number one, having a good tool. The Andis trimmer is a great tool to have. Number one, it's going to give you a really close cut and number two, it's small and it allows you to actually be able to maneuver the clipper around your face. First, what you want to do is find your guideline point. Your guideline point typically, like my beard you see is nice and full, it's pretty high, but I like to call it, plan mid level beard. Chinstrap beards tend to be a lot thinner, at least along this side here. I like to say this. Your side burn should always be the width. My side burn is about maybe a half an inch wide. I like to see that pretty much all around the face. The key point is following that guideline. If you set your guideline here, and clean off this portion of the face, you want to follow that all the way down to about mid level, just past, just at the point of where your jaw bone muscle begins to, you begin to feel your jaw bone muscle. Then you want to turn the clipper back this way. So, you want an L shape. Make your mark, turn the clipper down to make an L shape, and follow the same guideline all the way around the chin. Once you set your guideline, you can just follow that around, making your mark as easy as possible. Don't shave anything off yet because you want to make sure that your guideline is right. And once you set that guideline, you can, you can begin taking the bulk off, not going beyond that guideline to achieve the desired shape that you want. If you want to go thinner, you just repeat the process all over again. Make the side burn a little bit thinner, right here and taking off each, each layer, thinner and thinner and thinner. Now, this is key. You do not want to put the beard past your jaw bone. Once you feel your jaw bone, under here, your neck, then you've gone too far. You want to keep it right along the side. Right here. Right there, right along the side. And some people like to have their chinstrap come up like this, some people just like it straight across. Traditional chinstrap is straight across. And what's important is that you don't want to leave too much hair under here. So, you're going to have to follow this line all the way around. So, the same thing, you're going to make your mark right on that jaw line, the jaw line. Make your mark all the way around, all the way around. Keep it right on the jaw line. Then you want to take off the excess hair. Thirdly, you want to make sure that it's not too thick. You want to take an adjustable clipper and you want to trim that down. Right here is, I have the Braun Cruzer Face. This is one of my favorite. It does everything. It comes with an adjustable guide. If you don't have that, I like to recommend a Wahl clipper because it has different adjustable guides that you can get and I'll show you exactly what we're talking about here. This is the Wahl Senior. It comes with at least one guide. With that, you want to attach the guide on there. Make sure it's firmly on.When you hear the click that means it's on there, attached. And you want to in a downward motion, you want to trim the beard to your desired length, down, down, down. Going in a downward motion is what I like to call the freehand motion. The freehand motion allows you at least to take some length off but not too much. If you want to go in a reverse freehand motion, that's up. Up, typically you would take a brush or a comb, clean the excess hair off, so you see if you have any spots. Go up or down again. Achieving a desired length is usually used by an adjustable clipper. Wahl has always done a great job because they, you can adjust it closer up or down, will allow you to get the desired length, as close or as long as possible. Also, remember to always, always use a mirror. Always use a mirror. Mirrors don't lie. Even to this day, as a professional barber, I use a mirror constantly, every day, checking my haircuts and my beards. And that is how you shave a perfect chinstrap beard. Thanks for asking.


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