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The basics of Krav Maga will give you a really good understanding of the movement as a whole. Learn Krav Maga basics with help from a world champion martial artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Sifu Romain of and Edgewater Kung Fu and today we have Donovan Green of demonstrating Krav Maga basics. Hi, this is Donovan Green from Today we're going to be demonstrating Krav Maga basics. Okay, Krav Maga, the first thing we have to learn is about stances. The stances is this, basically you have your left foot forward, the right foot is off the heel. The foot has to be off the heel, the hand position is up, you take your hands up, you pretend you're holding a basketball, make a fist. Objective is to be able to reach out to your target, reach out, protect the body, not too close to the face. The heels off is going to pretend to spring, you're springing forward, springing back. The heel is going to play as the pusher, the leading leg, this is the pull. So the hand position here, I'm pushing forward and shooting back, keeping your sense of gravity low, never standing straight up. You're much more grounded here and that's the basic stance in Krav Maga. Okay so the second phase is the stances of Krav Maga is we have the basic stance is now learning how to move, how to move forward, back, to the side. Basically position hand, moving forward, springing forward, shoot, shooting back, going back, going left. The left leg is going to take you left. You shoot back left, you want to go right, the right leg is going to take you right. Always heels off the ground, hands up, ready for combat. Okay so we have the opponent in front, objective, fighting stance. Hands are up, we're going to work on basic punches. The basic punch is a straight punch. It's basically me coming into the target, throwing a jab, the body turned, hips rotated pushing that body weight into it, putting the opponent away from you. The next contact is going to be your cross, you're crossing, pivoting the hip and pushing your body weight directly off the opponent. So now the combination is this, one, two, hands are always back up, one, two, hands back up, always ready for combat. The next attack position for Krav Maga is known as the hammer fist. The hammer first creates much more power than an actual punch so objective is here, I'm striking the body up and driving straight down like a hammer, driving and nailing through the wood, objective here, driving up, striking down, up, striking down. The power is coming from not the hands, it's coming from the hips, dropping the body straight, boom striking and set, damage. Okay so this objective, Krav Maga is really a lot of standing but we do ground work as well. You've got pushed to the floor, objective, always pull your legs up ready to fire off on a kick. A person is in front of you, your head is up, shoulders off the ground, you plant your hands down, lift the hips up and drive a kick straight up, objective, up, strike out, strike out. Always keep your hands up. The standing, you get up, back to fighting stance. This is Donovan Green from Thank you for watching. Thank you for watching this video. I'm Sifu Romain of and Edgewater Kung Fu.


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