How to Solve Integer Equations in Middle School

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Integer equations are great math practice for middle school students. Solve integer equations in middle school with help from a mathematics tutor and educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Charlie Kasov. I'm a math teacher and today we're going to learn how to solve integer equations in middle school. Now the most important thing with integer equations is the order of operations. That has a nice little memorization tool called pemdas or please excuse my dear Aunt Sally. Now the way to remember this is P is parentheses, E is exponents, M is multiplication, D is division, A is addition, S is subtraction. It sounds like a really nerdy rap, so, you have pemdas, the way that it works are the parentheses are most important. You do whatever is in the parentheses first. So here's a sample equation, 4 - (3 squared - 2 x (2 squared)). Now we have a second parentheses so the first thing we do is everything in the parentheses. So 4, bye bye, we'll get to you. Now, the exponents, we have to do those first. So we have 3 squared which is 9 and we have 2 squared which is 4. So then we'll come back and we'll write in everything else. Now, the next thing is multiplication so 2 X 4. So we have 2 X 4 is 8 and then 4 - (9 - 8). So now again parentheses are the most important so 9 - 8 is 1. So 4 - 1 is 3. And that is how you solve integer equations in middle school. I'm Charlie Kasov. Thanks a lot.


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