How to Color White Hair


When coloring white hair you should always keep a few particular tips in mind. Color white hair with help from a professional in the salon industry in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is David Paris, CEO of Colure Hair Care. Today, we're here at Beverly Hills at Cush Hair Salon and I want to share some tips with you on how to color white hair. Our model here, Jamie, is starting to get a little bit of white hair here on the top, hard to see from where you're at. She doesn't like that so there's some tips that we can do to make sure that we have guaranteed coverage. We've already determined her natural tone. She's a warm tone and her root level is level 5 but we have these grades and our target is going to be like a reddish brown with mahogany. Typically most color lines that get into the reddish tones sometimes the dye in those colors are not enough to cover gray so one technique that many manufacturers recommend, especially in the hair salons is to mix like a natural shade. A lot of people have these double end ends so it's basically how much of the red, the target shade is basically like a reddish brown. You can go equal parts, half of the five level reddish brown and five of the natural double end. That's one way to do it. With her she's basically, we're looking at maybe about 10, 20 percent percentage, give and take of gray but we want to make sure that we cover them completely so we'll probably go with this formulation, maybe I would say, maybe a 3 to 1 would probably be enough. This is a pretty strong tone. That should help us cover the gray so again, one of the most common tips for coloring white hair is you can mix with any fashion tone, mix a double end series or a natural series. So if you're doing this at home as well, you'll be ending up buying two colors so with right now what we're doing is a reddish brown but we want to cover gray so you'll buy a reddish brown tone and buy a neutral tone and overall I would probably recommend equal parts but on this one we're probably going to go a little bit less on the natural tone. Her gray is not that dominant. If it was more dominant, go with more of equal parts. So those are some tips and again this is David Paris with Colure Hair Care here in Beverly Hills at Cush Salon. And thank you for watching and we'll see you in the next segment. Take care.


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