How to Apply Hair Color and Touch Up Roots

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Hair color or root touch up is designed to be applied in a very specific way. Apply hair color or root touch up with help from a professional in the salon industry in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is David Paris, CEO of Colure Hair Care. Today, we're here at Beverly Hills at Cush Hair Salon, I'm with Catherine, our model and Jason, our colorist. Today, we're going to share with you, how to color hair. I always recommend, always applying color to clean, healthy hair. Get rid of any build-up, equalizer porosity of the hair, if it's damaged. And I really enjoy applying color to damp hair, not wet hair. So, what you want to do, there's a new technology out, called Molecular Nanotechnology, that actually displaces water out of the hair. So, you don't have to blow dry the hair at all. So, today, I have Jason the colorist, so he's going to start off by doing a T-section. And he's going to apply color to damp hair, starting from one side to the other side. And since we're using, we're just going to deposit hair color. We're going to actually apply the color all the way through. So, Jason, why don't you go ahead and start applying the color for us. So, as you can see, for applying color to damp hair, and Jason did a T-section. And he's starting at the roots first. So, basically, he'll start on one side, he'll probably take eighth inch sections right now, and making sure the roots are completely covered. And we actually prefer using a brush, compared to using a bottle. A lot of people, you can use a bottle, it's fine, it's your preference, but we prefer using a brush. And when you apply hair color, always try to avoid, as you can see, Jason's wearing gloves, I always recommend wearing gloves. You don't want to walk around with, with tint on your hands. Especially women, if you're doing this at home, it doesn't look too good having tint. So, you always want to use gloves. And also, if you have any gray at all, avoid touching the hair with the gloves or wiping your hands with the gloves. To prevent any displacement of color, because it's very easy to do. So, as you see, Jason here, working from the roots and then, he's working at, through the mid shaft. We will apply the color completely, all the way through. This is a 20 minute process, it's not going to take us that long. But what we're doing here is, we're going to intensify her color that she has already. Give her more shine, more tone and depth and more vibrancy. So, you're going to end up with velvety, creamy looking hair color. So, again, you see Jason here taking I would say, quarter inch sections It's a little bit long, a little bit more wider here. Basically, Katherine, our model has finer hair. So, Jason taking a little bit more larger sections, which is, that's o.k. Just make sure you saturate the roots. And then, he's going to work the same product through, through the mid shaft. O.k., so, we're still taking quarter inch sections. and you can see Jason working from the roots. And then, he's working through the mid shaft and then, he's bringing it through the ends. And this is o.k., we're just using a 20 minute process color here. And all we want to do is, we want to enhance her already natural hair color tones. And earlier, what we did, is we added a little bit of the shine serum plus, and that's a natural silicate. It's very common in our industry, but this one happens to be Molecular Nanotechnology, which is the process of miniaturizing ingredients. So, you have something that's light weight, and it can be used like a delivery system. And I always recommend using something that doesn't have the alcohol in it, or any type of mineral oils or heavy oils. Because oils will definitely slow down the color process. Where this one, the shine serum actually helps work like a delivery system. So, we're going to get immediate coverage, especially on clean, healthy hair. And Jason looks like he's almost finished on that side and then, he's going to work his way over on this side, in a few minutes. So, this is David Paris, CEO of Colure Hair Care. And this is the segment on how to apply hair color. Thank you for joining us, and check us out on our next segment. We'll talk to you later, take care.


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