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A fruit platter is typically made in a pretty specific way. Learn how to make your own fruit platter with help from a registered dietician in this free video clip.

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Hi everyone. My name is Lisa DeFazio. I'm a registered dietitian and a media nutritionist. Today we're talking about how to make a perfect fruit platter. This would be great for a party or even to take to someone's home. So first off you want to think about the fruit. It's all about the color. Don't get all the red fruits and the orange fruits. Have a variety of colors. You want some purple, some green from the kiwi, some red from the strawberries, some bright yellow. And when we're plating it, we're going to alternate the colors so it's really beautiful. Just looks like a rainbow. So first off, slicing your fruit. Whenever you can get ready to go already cut up fruit at the market, that's what I usually do because it just makes a lot of the prep time more quick. But you an also of course slice and dice yourself at home. First off I like to start with mango because the mango again is a beautiful bright yellow color. And when you're doing a fruit platter, you always want to cut things in to bite size pieces because of course, this will make it easier for people to take. And then I have some watermelon here which again is always nice to have on the fruit platter because of the bright red color. And once again, I got this ready to go but you can cut your own if you want at home. Now when we have cantaloupe, I like to keep it kind of in these larger slices. It just makes it nice and pretty on the plate. But certainly, you can also dice them up smaller. We're going to put some strawberries in the middle. It's actually in a fruit platter, it's okay to keep the stem on because it acts like a decorative piece. So you don't have to worry about taking the stems off. Just of course, make sure that your strawberries are nice and washed. Now there's a little trick when it comes to grapes. It's okay to keep the grapes on the vine but you want to cut them so that they're portioned out for an individual to take. So again, keep them on the stems but just enough that a person can just grab a little bit and take it with them to put on their plate. So it's always good to have some scissors, some cooking scissors in the kitchen and you just snip them in little bunches like that. So we're going to get that ready. And then kiwi. I love using kiwi because it's a beautiful green color with the little black seeds in the middle. When you're cutting a kiwi, you want to cut off both ends. So you have a really good base. I like to keep a little trash bowl on the side to get rid of the stems. And then simply cut down the sides. So take all the skin off. Really easy and quick. Toss it. Then we're going to just simply slice it down the sides to make some little slices here. Make sure you get all the skin off. And slice them in to little rings. Okay, beautiful. Now we have all the fruit that we want to work with. And now the key again is to display it on the beautiful tray. You can use an oblong tray. I like to use a circular tray. We want to place our strawberries in the middle. You can also place grapes in the middle if you like. I sometimes like to use strawberries. Remember, it's all about the color. So let's start with some cantaloupe. Sort of fan it and layer it. You want to have it even on both sides. So if you put some cantaloupe on that side, you want to put some cantaloupe on the other side so it's just sort of even and looks balanced. And you can always fill things in if there's little areas where there's no fruit there. Now we're going to take some cubes of watermelon. So the red next to the orange again is good. You don't want to put the mango next to the cantaloupe because that's too close in color. And maybe put some cantaloupe on both sides. And some watermelon on both sides. So it, again, keeps it nice and balanced. Now we have some mango. Again, bright yellow next to the red. So we want to balance out our color really nice. I've always loved fruit platters too because the fruit is all cut up and ready to go so I have a lot of left overs and it makes it easy for me to eat as a snack later on. So I always usually make extra when I'm cutting up my fruit. And then we have our grapes in our nice little bunches. Goes nicely with cheese. People can just grab one and put it on their plate. Again, balance out the colors so that it's nice and even. And then we have our kiwi. So kiwi is nice as well because you can use this as sort of a garnish. Just spot garnish it. Adds a nice speckle of color there. Beautiful against the reds and the oranges. Great. Looks good. And there we have a perfect fruit platter. Delicious, healthy and makes a great gift to take to any hostess at a party. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching. I'm Lisa DeFazio. I'll see you guys next time.


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