How to Stop Chairs From Scratching Hardwood Floors

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If you're not careful your chairs could scratch your hardwood floors each and every time you use them. Stop chairs from scratching hardwood floors with help from the president of a home design company in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Eric Barany, president of Pizazz Floors & Interior Design. Welcome, and thank you very much for joining us today. Today's problem is how to prevent your chairs from scratching your new hardwood floors. As a hardwood flooring professional, probably one of the number one question's I get asked is how do I prevent my chairs from scratching my hardwood floors. Well, basically, the best most sure fire way is felt pads. Felt pads come in an array of different sizes, shapes, they can be purchased at pretty much any home supply store, any hardware store, grocery stores even have them, but basically got rectangles, circles, they also come different sizes so what you want to do is you want to fit the felt pad to the bottom of the chair so if the bottom of the chair is circular you'll want to grab a circular felt pad. Now, basically with each one of the felt pads they're going to come with an adhesive on the back of them. Basically, to get to the adhesive you remove the white pad, pull it back and the adhesive is up underneath here. Well, if it's a chair that you're moving on a daily basis then that adhesive will not stick very well. So what we got to do is we got to help it out a little bit and what we're going to use is, is we're going to use any kind of construction adhesive, any type of super glue to steer away from you know your normal kids glue, glue stick, something like that. Basically, you'll just take any kind of construction adhesive, take a small dollop of it, stick it to the back of the felt pad and then put the felt pad to the underside of the chair leg. Because chairs are moved on usually a daily basis then what you'll want to do is you'll want to allow proper drying time of the felt pad and the construction adhesive. So I recommend flipping the chair upside down, selecting the correct size felt pad, putting a little dollop on there, sticking the felt pad to the bottom of the chair and then letting it set for a couple hours, at least three to let that bond really set up tight so that when you move the chair then the pad doesn't slip off of the bottom of the chair and scratch the hardwood floors. Now you can invite all of your friends over to enjoy that wonderful cooking without any fear at all of your chairs scratching your new hardwood floors. I just showed you how to stop chairs from scratching hardwood floors.


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