How to Create Art on the iPad

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The iPad doesn't just let you view art that already exists - it allows you to create your own, from scratch. Create art on the iPad with help from a celebrated columnist and nerd on call in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Andrea Eldridge from Nerds on Call at, and the question that we're answering today is how to use an iPad to create art. There's actually quite a few different applications that you can install and use on your iPad depending on the specifics of what you're looking for. Today, I'm going to go ahead and demonstrate two just based on really what you're looking for, more of a casual doodler. We've got Doodle Buddy. The reason I like this program, very easy, you can use finger stylist, there's a lot of customization. So we can actually create with some pre-selected backgrounds if you're looking to create something perhaps in a beach motif. You can select different brushes for different styles, obviously a wide selection of different colors here and you can just do your art by hand here. You can select how that looks different. I had selected glitter but you can also select chalk. So you've got a bunch of different options for different effects. There's also some sketch tools here in the center icon. So if you want to create an item and you're not great at the freehand, you can actually use your sketch tool here to create a stencil effect and there are some fun little preset shapes that will actually give you some audio with it as well. So the part that of course my toddler likes the best is to create some custom shapes there with their associated sounds. Once you're done you can actually save your work by choosing to save to photo album and from there let's say you've created a birthday card or a customized art piece that you want to save. Once it's in your photo album, you can choose to email it to yourself and print it out from a device that has printing capability or print from your iPad if you've got your air play printer. So the other program that I want to talk about today is called Art Set, that's a little more of an advanced program for someone who is looking to be a little more specific in the art that they create, not so much just doodling as actually trying to create a specific effect. So you've got a lot of selection here, you know, in terms of your artist palette style colors and a little more selection in terms of the type of effect that you want to create with your art. So in this case we can use some oil as a demonstration and change that up to marker so you can kind of see there's some variation there. It lets you be a little more precise in your work. Now once you've chosen to collect the work that you'd like, there's an option as well to go ahead and send to photos so that you can save your work and forward it on elsewhere.


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