Definition of a Slope Intercept Form

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Slope intercept form is a very important definition to know as you begin to work with things like graphs. Find out the definition of a slope intercept form with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, and we're here to talk about the definition of a slope intercept form. Now, it's actually one of the more useful forms to graph a line, because of the information that it offers. So, let's talk about the equation and then, we'll go from there. Now, the slope intercept form, is always of this particular form. Y equals M, X plus B. Now, it may not mean a whole lot to you, if you're not sure what the letters are. But let's go into it a little bit further. X and Y are of course, your X and Y kinds of coordinates, that you can plug in whenever you like. But here's the beauty of the rest. The M, you might already know, is the slope of the line. And the B, is the Y intercept of the line. Now, when it comes to graphing a line, I always recommend that you graph in alphabetical order. What I mean by that, well, I recommend that you graph the B, whatever number the B is, and then you graph the M. B comes before M. So, here's an illustration. Suppose you have, Y equals three halves, X minus two. So, if you were to graph using the X, Y coordinates. What you'll see here is, like I mentioned before, you graph using the Y intercept first. So, the Y intercept is negative two. That means it touches the Y axis at negative two. And then, you graph the next point using what you know about the slope, the slope is three halves. Now, you might remember that slope means, rise over run. That means you rise three, that means from this point, you go up three, but you don't graph the point yet, until you finish running two. Running two means you go to the right, two places. So that means you go up three and then, right two. And then, once you're done with both rise and run, then you plot the next point. And all you really need, is two points for a line. But you can go up three over two, to get a third point, if you wish, if you want to double check your answers. But in this case, we can just graph the line, as it stands, and there you have it. And as you can tell, all you need here for slope intercept form, is the Y intercept and the slope. And you'll always have a line, as long as you're consistent with your steps. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and that's the definition of slope intercept form.


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