What Is the Reciprocal of One?

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You can find the reciprocal of one in a few quick moments, and all you need is your thinking cap. Learn about the reciprocal of one with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we are here to talk about what is the reciprocal of one? Now once you see what happens the answer will be very straight forward but lets discuss. Now if you take a look at the number one and you can think about reciprocals, reciprocals are often associated with fractions and mainly flipping the fraction. But the thing is since one is a whole number any whole number can be rewritten as a fraction as that number over one. So one can be thought of as one over one. Now because the numerator and the denominator are an exact match when it comes to the reciprocal of it all it means is you are flipping the numerator. So when the numerator and the denominator change places, but as you can tell even when you flip them the numbers stays the same. So the reciprocal of one over one is still one over one which is another way of saying one. So the long of it is one is actually it's own reciprocal. Not many numbers can lay claim to that. So there you have it. And I'm Jimmy Chang and that is the reciprocal of one.


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