What Is Transversal in Math?

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In mathematical terminology, a transversal is a number that meets a very specific set of rules. Find out what a transversal is in math with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we are here to talk about what is a transversal in math. Now a transversal is often used when it comes to studying geometry and the various angles and when it comes to the definitions associated with those. And we are just going to go right into it and see where a transversal comes in. Now it often involves the use of parallel lines, two or more parallel lines. And here's a classic illustration. More often then not you'll see two parallel lines. And using these two and assume that they are parallel. And a transversal is a line that will cross the parallel lines and it will allow you to find various angles that are formed because of it. Some examples of angles formed from a transversal cutting parallel lines would be corresponding angles, alternating interior angles, as well as alternating exterior angles. Now it's not necessarily limited to just two parallel lines, you can draw it through as many parallel lines as you like. So for example if you have three parallel lines as long as the line crosses through all three parallel lines like that then it's a transversal. But basically a transversal cross through parallel lines to allow you to find the angles that form as a result. So I'm Jimmy Chang and that addressed is what is a transversal in mathematics.


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