What Makes a Parallelogram a Square?

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An object is considered a square if it meets a very specific set of criteria. Learn what makes a parallelogram a square with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, we're here to talk about what makes a parallelogram a square. Now, one of the things to think about, is a parallelogram actually has certain criteria. But a square actually has more restrictive criteria than that of a parallelogram. So, let's talk about what a square looks like, and we'll go from there. Now, in terms of a parallelogram, it requires that you have two pairs of parallel lines. And looking at a square, as you can tell, this is parallel to this, and this line is parallel to this line. As a matter of fact, the square actually goes one step further and that all the lines, all the sides rather, are equal. Now, what a parallelogram also has in addition to having two pars of parallel lines, is that the opposite angles are equal. Now, in a square, this angle is equal to this angle, and this angle is equal to this angle. So, the square actually takes the opposite angle measurements requirement, a step further. Because what a parallelogram requires is, this angle has to equal to this angle. And this angle has to equal to the opposite angle. It doesn't say, all four have to be equal, but that's a plus, if it is. But a square, which is actually more restrictive, when it comes to criteria. Meets all the criteria that a parallelogram has, and more. So, what a parallelogram has, to be a square, is all the sides have to be equal. But furthermore, all the angles have to be equal to each other, not just the opposite sides. So, a square is a lot more restrictive than that of a parallelogram. So, needless to say, parallelogram has to go through more hoops to become a square. So, I'm Jimmy Chang, and that's how a parallelogram becomes a square.


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