The Fahrenheit-to-Celsius Ratio

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Fahrenheit and Celsius are two units used to measure the temperature. Learn about the Fahrenheit-to-Celsius ratio with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to talk about the Fahrenheit to Celsius ratio. Now, when it comes to converting, Fahrenheit to Celsius is one of those common ones, especially when it comes to you know, weather related applications. Now, Fahrenheit is the English unit of measurement for temperature. Where Celsius is the preferred metric measurement for temperature. Now, the important thing, before you do anything else is you gotta establish a formula as you from Fahrenheit to Celsius. So, you gotta keep this equation in mind. Celsius is equal to five ninths times Fahrenheit minus thirty two, which is in parenthesis. Which means for the order of operations, you have to take care of the parenthesis first and then multiply by the five over nine later. So, let's just say you want to convert 77 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius. That means what you got to do is take 77, plug it back in, in place of F and see what you have. So, you have C is equal to five over nine times 77 minus 32. Like I said before, you gotta take care of the parenthesis first. 77 minus 32, that's going to give you 45. Now, it just so happens that when you multiply five ninths and 45 you can actually cross cancel because 45 and the nine reduces. In fact nine goes into 45 five times. So, basically when you multiply, five times five is 25. So, what that means here is 77 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to 25 degrees Celsius. So, as long as you use this equation consistently, you'll be able to find Fahrenheit to Celsius very easily. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and that is the Fahrenheit to Celsius ratio.


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