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If you're trying to find out the price of an item on sale and don't have access to a calculator, its important to realize that you're not out in the cold. Calculate 25 percent off with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, and we're here to talk about, how to calculate 25% off. Now, we all like to shop, we love discounts and 25% off is one of those really popular discounts going forward. But we're going to talk about a couple of quick easy ways that you can calculate 25% off on your own before you can decide whether something is a good deal or not. So one thing to think about with 25% off is, 25% as you know is 25 out of 100. So if you think of it in that particular context, you can actually reduce 25 over 100 rather easily, because if you think about it, 25 goes into 100, 20 very easily, in fact you can reduce both the top and bottom by 25, because 25 goes into both numbers, so 25 divided by 25 is 1, 100 divided by 25 is 4. So in actuality, to calculate 25% off, you can either multiply it by a quarter or divide by 4. So basically, depending on what the price of the merchandise that you have, just divide by 4 and you'll get the 25% off discount, if that's what they're offering. So for example, if you have something that's $80 at 25% off, all you need to do is, either, multiply by 1/4, or simply divide by 4, and you'll get $20, which is a pretty good deal. Now, something a little more cheap, for example, if something was $12, and something was 25% off, go ahead and divide that by 4, and you'll get $3. Now some things that aren't quite as divisible by 4 you'll have more decimals as part of your 25% discount calculation, but as you can tell it's a pretty straight forward process all the way around. So I'm Jimmy Chang, and there's a couple of illustrations on how to calculate 25% off.


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