What Is Length, Height & Width?

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Length, height and width can come together to calculate a number of different values. Learn about length, height and width with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to discuss what is length, height, and width. Now, all three of those dimensions really help you find out the actual volume, the specific, you know generally of a three dimensional object and when you're trying to find the volume of a box or things like that you want to use length, height, and width. So often times with length, height, and width they're labeled by L, H, and W respectively. Now, with length as the word implies, length often refers to how long the length of an object is so how long is that particular object so, with height we're talking about how tall the object is and with width we're discussing of course how wide is particular object. Now, each of these are in linear units whether it be feet, inches, meters, etc, but if you want to put all three of them together and you want to measure the volume for example then your final answer would be in cubic units whether it be cubic feet, cubic inches, etc, but basically as long as you understand the definitions length, width, and, length, width, and height you'll be good to go in terms of finding whatever it is that you're looking for. So I'm Jimmy Chang and that is what is length, height and width.


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