Rise Over Run Method

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The "Rise over Run" method needs to be completed in a very specific way. Learn about the "Rise over Run" method with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to talk about the rise over run method. Now, when we think about the words rise over run we often think about the word slope because that's actually one of the definitions of slope. Now, slope, labeled by the letter m, often is characterized as rise over run. And oftentimes it helps you graph lines in terms of using slope with rise over run. So, here's a quick illustration as to how that works. Suppose you're given that the slope is three-fourths and you're given a point let's just say one, two. Now, what that means here is you can graph the point one, two but then you want to use the rise over run approach to graph any other points. So, hypothetically, drawing a few ticks here along the line, we have one, two so we're graphing a point first and now, we want to use three-fourths, the rise over run, to graph the next point. Now, the rise number is three. So that means you're going to rise three notches from the point that you just graphed. So we're going to to go up three first. One, two, three but we're not going to graph the point yet because we still have to address the four. Now, the run number is four. That means, a positive run means you have to go to the right four notches. So we're going to go up three like we talked about before. Go up three. One, two, three and then we're going to go the right four places. One, two, three, four and now, we're going to go ahead and graph the next point and go from there. Now, since we have two points that's enough for a line so we're going to connect the dots and extend the line and go from there. Now, if it's a negative slope you can do the same thing. If this was negative three-fourths a rise of negative three would cause it to go down three and keep the run running to the right at four places. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and that's a brief introduction to the rise over run method.


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