Gram to Pound Conversion

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Grams can be converted into pounds using a simple mathematical equation. Learn about the gram to pound conversion with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to talk about gram to pound conversion. Now, grams are used in the metric system a lot, and pounds what's typically used in the English system. There is some relationship between the two though, so let's talk about what they are. Now the important thing to remember is that 1 pound is equal to 453.59 grams. So right off the bat, you see that one pound is already a lot of grams. So when it comes to converting grams to pounds, you gotta keep that in mind going forward. So let's just say, if you have 300 grams, and you're converting it to pounds, one thing you want to think about is; you have 300 grams, now since pounds is what you want to think about, and you're converting from grams, you've just gotta fill in the numbers where they belong. So, 1 pound; you have the 1 up here and 453.59, is where you would put, next to grams. Now, if you want, so this doesn't feel left out, you could put this over 1, and the grams will cancel, and the pounds will stay put. And you'll be left with, 300 over 453.59 pounds. Now, obviously this is a number that's going to be less than one, but you can use a calculator to find out the exact value of this. But, needless to say, one pound is worth an awful lot of grams, so 300 grams would not even be a pound. But, once you have that conversion, you'll be good to go for all gram to pound conversions. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and that's how you convert grams to pounds.


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