Can a Rhombus Also Be a Parallelogram?

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In mathematics, sometimes a shape or number meets criteria that allows it to fall within two or more definitions. Find out of a rhombus can also be a parallelogram with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to answer the question can a rhombus also be a parallelogram? So what we're going to do first we're going to draw a rhombus and then we'll look at if it fulfills the characteristics of a parallelogram. So a rhombus typically has the characteristics that all the sides are the same and it's opposite angles are equal. And then we're going to talk about now the characteristics of a parallelogram. To be a parallelogram you have to have two pairs of parallel lines. Now if you look at a rhombus, this side is parallel to this side and this side is parallel to this side so it does fulfill the criteria of having two pairs, opposite pairs of parallel lines. Now, the other characteristic of parallelograms is that its opposite angles have to be of equal measure. Now if you look at a rhombus, this angle is equal to this angle so you have one pair of opposite equal measures and if you look at this angle and compared to this angle, I already mentioned that these two are also of equal measures. So you have a second pair of opposite equal measured angles. So because those two are the only criteria of a parallelogram, a rhombus fits both of those criteria. As a matter of fact a rhombus goes beyond that of what's needed for a parallelogram. So the short answer is yes a rhombus is a parallelogram because it's in that family. So I'm Jimmy Chang and that answers the question of can a rhombus also be a parallelogram.


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