What Does "Monomials" in Math Mean?

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The term "monomials" in math is used to refer to a very specific thing. Find out the definition of "monomials" in math with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to discuss what monomials in math mean. So lets talk about the word and then we'll go from there. Now if you look at the word monomials or monomial for that matter you want to take a look at the prefix mono. Now mono is a popular prefix known as one. So monomials are often in the context of polynomials so the definition of monomial is a one term polynomial. That means with the context of the problem you will only see a monomial if you see one term. So it could be anything, like x to the 3rd, y to the 4th, as separate terms. Or you can also see something like xy squared, 7z to the fourth. Things like that. You could have numbers multiplied with them. You can have multiple variables. You could even have something as unique as 16xy squared z to the 7th. Now you may have noticed the exponents for the x,y's and z's are all positive and whole. Zero's and ones are okay but they have to maintain the criteria of what it means to be a polynomial. That means a whole, positive whole number exponents, zero exponents are okay but the important thing is once it fulfills that criteria it can only be one term for it to be a monomial. So I'm Jimmy Chang and that's what monomials in math mean.


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