What Is 20% as a Decimal?

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You can take a percentage and convert it to a decimal in a very specific way. Express 20% as a decimal with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to talk about what is 20% as a decimal. Now the one thing you want to keep in mind is with any percentages you can convert them to decimals using the same uniform approach. So with 20% the first thing you do with any percentage is you take the number as is and what you want to think about is every percentage, once you figure out the location of the decimal point, you always move to the left two places. So you go one here, one here, so in actuality 20% has an actual value of 0.20. So take any percentage, take the number and move it to the left two decimal places and you'll have your decimal always. So I'm Jimmy Chang and that is 20% as a decimal.


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