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You can convert MM, or millimeters, to CM, or centimeters, by simply moving a decimal point in the appropriate direction. Learn about MM to CM conversion with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to talk about millimeters to centimeters conversion. Now the wonderful benefit about millimeters and centimeters is that they're actually located right next to each other on the prefix chart. So if you think about the conversions between these two metric units. CM and MM are literally adjacent to each other. Now when you're converting MM to CM you are going to the left. Now whenever you're going in that direction it often involved dividing. Now since we're going from MM to CM it involves division by 10 for every decimal place that you're going towards. So when it comes to MM and CM you're talking about dividing by 10. So here is an example on how to do that. Suppose you want to convert 34 MM and you want to convert that to CM. Now you're starting out with MM. Now since you want CM that is going to stay on top. The unit that you want to go from which is MM will be at the bottom. Now, because CM is the larger unit one CM is equal to 10 MM. Now this should come as no surprise to you because I have eluded to earlier that we will divide by 10. So basically what you have here is MM will cancel. So multiply across. You have 34 x 1, you have 34 CM and the denominator stays put as 10. So 34 divided by 10 is going to be 3.4 CM. So at the end of the day 34 MM is 3..4 CM and we got them by dividing by 10. So the important thing to keep in mind here is when you're converting from MM to CM, division by 10 will always get you there. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and that's a brief discussion on MM to CM conversions.


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