Liter to Gram Conversion

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You can convert liters into grams by using a basic calculation. Take a liter and convert it into grams with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we are here to talk about or discuss the liter to gram conversion. And this is one of those things that you want to keep in mind that you are actually kind of comparing apples and oranges because a liter really is a unit of volume. Where as a gram is a unit of mass. Okay so with those two particular units it's really, really difficult to compare and convert the two because it really depends on what kind of substance that you have. Now the closest thing that you can really make a conversion from liters to grams is that of water due to the purity of water and what water contains. So the one thing you want to keep in mind is you have one liter is equal to one thousand grams but I want to stress and I cannot stress this enough, this only applies to water. Okay due to the composition of water. But when you are talking about other substances such as oil, gasoline, anything else that we might be discussing then you have to think about the density of the substance. And I can tell you one liter will not equal to one thousand grams of gasoline or oil and things like that. Because again you really have to take into account the density of the substance. So when you are talking about liters to grams conversions your scope becomes very, very limited because it will vary from substance to substance. So I'm Jimmy Chang and that's a brief discussion of a liter to a gram conversion.


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